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#DMVillains We are pleased to introduce @iamprinceroyal to some; who don’t know him. He is featured/showcased on page #5 of our #August2022 print. We coined him #TheRoyalPrince (pseudonym).

I must say, DMV Stand Up – We Winning…XXL Issa Takeover Magazine was so happy to work with him; like many others, who were innately apprehensive about giving us a chance, because of our small following, he too had many questions & rightfully so. But God 💙😇🙌🙏 🅿️💛 #WontHeDoIt #GodSpeed. Undoubtedly, he has a celestial catalog of music & we’ve taken the time to extract sum for your enjoyment 🎶🎵🎼

#MagazineWriteup: #TheRoyalPrince

Popular Releases: Alone, Heart Cold, Say 2 Much

My vision: Smoke the hash, get the cash, and make the bash. Inspiration artists: Myself

Where I wanna be in 10 years?

“I want to make music, good music. Incredible music. That’s all.”Rocking his newest Nike, Prince told us, “I love Nike because it is a brand I grew up with, and I have always loved their sportswear and footwear products.” Then added, “I am also a fan of Adidas, but Nike just floats my boat know what I mean.” We know exactly what you mean, Prince. Prince is consistently putting out new music, with a brand new album dropping as we speak. He expressed his high expectations for his new work, saying, “It’s the most opp album I’ve ever worked on; it has my heart and soul.”

Talking about his fits, Prince smiled and told us that he likes to experiment. “There’s no shame in looking different, and standing out; it’s what I do.” He added. “It’s remarkable what confidence and carefree nature can do for your mental Peace. This is a good time in my life, and we are only going up from here.”

As always #SeeYouAtTheTOP -Passion ❤️

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