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#DMVillains yall know I love yunce to the moon & back, so here’s your 🅿️💲🅰️. (public service announcementaaaahuhh, in the voice of Spendit), I just don’t have his fancy glasses, that always puts the icing on the cake, in all his videos lol 😂. But, I gotta warn you, proceed to his page with caution ⚠️ & don’t go at all, if you have a weak bladder, because I’d hate to be the one who’ll have to say “I told you so”, once he makes you wet your pants 😂🤪🤣. But, if you think you can handle it, click the link & enjoy; I promise you won’t be disappointed 🎯

He is featured/showcased on page #9 of our #August2022 print. We coined him #AComedyGenius (pseudonym).

Ohhh yeah, he also has an extremely nice #partybus 🚌 for your upcoming events as well. Nonetheless, without further ado, let’s get into Mr. Spend It Like I Print It ✅

#MagazineWriteup: #AComedyGenius

Hey, my name is Nardo @spendit_like_iprintit Landy aka Mr 🅿💲🅰 & I’m an up & coming comedian, with a loud, ignorant style of comedy, (u may often hear me yell this, as a public service announcementaaaahuhh before a set , a joke or one of my IG videos. I was born & raised in Washington DC & when I’m not on stage telling jokes, I’m a father of 2 & I’m the CEO of @rideznvibez party bus & travel services.

“Comedy is my passion & I hope to make people laugh with my jokes. I have always been interested in comedy, but it wasn’t until I went to a comedy show, that I knew this was the career for me”, Spendit told us; when asked about his comedy inspiration. “The first question that comes to mind, is whether or not you are happy with your career choices so far. If you are, then congratulations! You have found a job that makes you feel fulfilled.” He added.

But, Comedian Spendit isn’t the path to success very steep? He chuckled & added, “Of course it is, but there are many paths that we can take, to find a footing in our career. It may be hard at first, but someone is always willing to help us on our journey.”

We hope your supporting pillars stay strong my man!

As always #SeeYouAtTheTOP -Passion ❤️

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