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#DMVillains On my Mama Imma need yall to stay cash app or Zelle ready, errytime @voiceofdarecap touch down at any shows lol 😂 cause he has absolutely NO CHILL 😩 & we gotta take his phone 🎯. His darn voice overs take me tf out 🤪. He is featured/showcased on page #18 of our #August2022 print. We coined him #TheOrigninalSimpson (pseudonym).

From the freekin top to the bottom of his page, he has the most hysterical videos & we’ve taken the time to extract sum for your enjoyment 💃🗣🙄

#MagazineWriteup: #TheOrigninalSimpson

Popular Releases: Clap recaps on social media & the clap recap versus party

My vision: I’m always willing to be different, so I came home from prison, after doing an 8 year term & I seen how the ladies was dancing & dressing in the gogo/clubs. So, I did a voice over to a few chicks dancing & it was different funny & brilliant. Now, the entire DMV love my voice overs

Inspiration artists: Dave Chapelle, Wild n Out, Bid TV,Aye Pap, K Grammi, Davy Ruffin, Fat Marco, Kray, & Ookie

Where I wanna be in 10 years?”I wanna own a club & start touring worldwide, doing stand up & attending all the lit clubs doing recaps, hosting & build my brand “

Personalized comedy is an important element of modern comedy. It’s one of the main ways that stand-up comedy has evolved in the past decade. It’s also something that many comedians are passionate about. Maldabidd exclaimed.

“First of all, it allows audiences to connect with a comedian on a more personal level. This can make them feel more comfortable & less inhibited when they’re in the room with the performer. It can also help build trust between the audience & the entertainer, which creates a more enjoyable environment overall.” He cheered. “The end result is that it makes for a better comprehensive show for everyone involved, which is why it’s such an important part of modern comedy.”

Maldabidd has been in the comedy scene for a while now & is aware of the many tricks & ideas that makes him stand out from the crowd. His work showcases his desire to convey his personal ideas to the public; for amusement, but of course it leaves lots of room for conflict & misunderstandings as well. Maldabidd doesnt seem to be phased by the negative responses though & we are sure he’s on his way to the stars!

As always #SeeYouAtTheTOP -Passion ❤️

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