DMV Stand Up – We Winning

XXL Issa Takeover

Mge_gizzle #August2022 page #38 DMV Stand Up – We Winning… XXL Issa Takeover Magazine

Mge_gizzle #August2022 page #38 DMV Stand Up – We Winning… XXL Issa Takeover Magazine

Popular Releases: Say Cheese ft. 23Rackz & NSC KA

My vision: To be the best & put everyone around me in a position to get a bag

Inspiration artists: Young Thug, Est Gee, & 23Rackz

Where I wanna be in 10 years?I want a Grammy & platinum plaques.

Melodic rap is a genre that combines elements of rap, pop & other genres, to create something fresh & exciting. It is characterized by fast-paced songs with complex rhyme schemes & lots of hooks. It has been growing in popularity globally, especially in Canada & the US, where big acts like Post Malone, Juice WRLD & 21 Savage have become superstars.

Still digesting the news of the new album, from the man who single-handedly brought the art form of rap music back from the dead, the world is still trying to figure out exactly what MGE is all about. Is he a rock star rapper, a pop rapper, a country rapper, or something else entirely? The truth is, MGE is all of those things & more. He’s a master of melodic rap with the skills to match.

Talking about his recent work, he said, “You all are probably wondering what this project is all about. Maybe you’re even a little skeptical. I can understand those feelings. After all, I’ve been writing rap music for years. Give it some time; the genius will dawn on you!”

Responding to a question about his childhood, he said, “When I was younger, I always wanted to be a writer. I spent hours, even days, sitting in cafés, staring out of the window, imagining what it would be like to be a famous writer. I imagined receiving letters from fans, who would tell me how much they loved my work. I imagined being able to write without censorship, without fear of being deemed crazy or offensive.”

As always #SeeYouAtTheTOP -Passion ❤️

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